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Founded in 2006, Bawei is a cosmetics supplierprofessed in the planning, R&D, testing, manufacturing and has established an independent third-party testing institution. Bawei is certificated by ISO9001, GMPC, ISO22716, ISO14001.

Facial mask is one of the most commonly used skin care products. It is used to moisturize the skin and also has multiple functions such as moisturizing, whitening, nourishing, removing blackheads, improving dullness, deep cleansing and more. It has the functions of a moisturizer and a softener, and has a sealing effect, which can reduce the loss of skin moisture and soften the stratum corneum, and promote the skin to absorb active ingredients. No matter how tired, rough, dry or oily your skin is, there is a mask to help it restore its natural radiance. However, more ways (masks, muds, gels, peels) and plenty of cleansing options are available than ever before, so choose a mask product that suits your skin. In terms of skin care, it is best way to get back to nature. Most of us don't want to use any chemical products on our skin. BAWEI, who are now among the most trustworthy face pack manufacturers, has finished the homework for you and prepared the best mask series for each type of skin. You will find your favorite face pack productsin here BAWEI.


Advantages of Face Pack


The mask not only improves the overall appearance of the skin, it also has a relaxing effect. Applying face masks should be regarded as a luxury. When you decide to put on a mask for yourself, please allow some time for your skin. Take a hot bath, light some candles, and enjoy the joy of using a mask. You will be attracted to a wonderful experience, which will not only relax your mind and body, but also give you a beautiful appearance.


Of course, daily cleansing can remove oil,dirt, makeup and impurities on the surface of the skin. But did you know that masking takes the cleaning process to a whole new level? Only a good face pack can help remove impurities hidden under the top layer of the epidermis.Many people think that when using a mask, their skin will go through a process of "detoxification", because in this case, they will actually notice skin changes. The mask is incredible in providing a deeper cleansing ways, it can reduce the appearance of the pores you can see and feel. Who doesn't like that?

Unblock pores

Using products containing bentonite clay helps to remove dirt from the skin and absorb skin excess oil. It also helps to remove dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin. When you remove all the debris on the surface of the skin, it also helps to unclog the pores. As we all know, clogged pores are a skin problem. Annoying things are trapped in your pores and are pushed deeply into the pores that may breed bacteria. Once the bacteria starts to grow, it will spread all over our skin, and we will soon develop spots and pimples, causing serious skin damage to our lives. Regular use of a mask helps to keep the skin clean and pores unobstructed. This is an excellent reason to use masks immediately.

Skin Rejuvenation

Masks, especially formulated with mint,can help stimulate blood circulation. The use of whitening ingredients, such as nicotinamide, turmeric and more, can improve the overall complexion. You will have soft and smooth skin, and you will also be able to see glowing light and a fresher appearance.

Classification of Face Pack

There are generally three ways to classify face masks:

By texture: sheet mask, washable mask, sleeping mask, peel-off mask.

By status: essence mask, cream mask, clay mask, gel mask.

By effect: moisturizing, whitening, cleansing, brightening, exfoliating, etc.

And now we are going to discuss the face packs classified by texture.

From the earliest non-woven fabrics to today's: silk, biological fibers and other materials. The patch mask can be used one at a time, which is convenient and hygienic.

The shape of these serum-impregnated fabrics can fit your face. Usually known for its moisturizing properties, this is a great mask option for people with dry skin.

The most common wash-off mask is a mud cream mask: general deep-sea mud, volcanic mud plus minerals, hot spring water and some nourishing ingredients can cleanse the skin and condition cuticles. Over time, intense cleansing can dry and sensitize skin, leaving it feeling uncomfortable.Therefore, the skin needs to be cleaned effectively and gently. This mask can help expel accumulated impurities, dirt and oil, and gently nourish the skin.


This type of mask is specially designed for lazy people, for those who are too lazy to apply essence and cream over and over again. What if you feel that you don't have enough time to concentrate on making a mask in a day? Consider using an overnight mask. Use these masks as the final step in your nightly skin care routine and keep them overnight. They are absorbed like a moisturizer, leaving them completely worry-free; in the morning, you will go through the skin care routine as usual


The quick and easy option for a mask is peel-off mask, which is great for exfoliating and unclogging pores. They are usually used as creams or gels and then peel off after a prescribed time. For those who travel, this is another ideal mask choice because they cause the least confusion. Peel-off masks should be analyzed in detail. This does not mean that all products will tear and strain the skin. Many blended soft masks still feel good when used.


Principles of Facial Mask Skin Care

The principle of the mask determines that it has a higher skin care efficiency. The mask has three mechanisms of action:

Package promotion: By isolating the skin from contact with the air, a relatively high humidity environment is formed locally, which increases the permeability of the skin and promotes the absorption of the effective ingredients in the essence.

Hydration: The moisture in the mask can fully moisturize the skin corneous layer, increasing its water content and transparency.

Cleaning effect: When the mask is uncovered, skin dirt (epidermal keratinocytes, residual makeup, excessive sebum, etc.) will be adhered with the mask to promote the smooth flow of skin and hair follicles.

Facial mask is a form of skin care. Use the membrane cloth to absorb the lotion or essence, and by covering the face with a layer of membrane cloth, the ingredients can be absorbed by our facial skin. The encapsulation effect of the mask can improve the efficiency of skin care. The skin can absorb moisture and nutrients in the fastest time and enhance the skin's translucency. Due to the existence of the membrane cloth, it can suppress the evaporation of water from the face to a certain extent,forcing the formation of a closed environment on the face, so it has some benefits for absorption and penetration.


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