HDPE Flat Net

The HDPE netis a food grade plastic raw material (HDPE) which is heated and melted in an extruder, extruded through a screw, and enters an extra-rotary head with a small hole in the surface of the mold. The molten plastic flows through the pores of the die to form two molten filaments. Because the machine head rotates, the two strands of wire are joined together at one point, and then cooled and shaped into a net. The extruded plastic mesh has the performances of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, fine toughness; it can take the place of metal wire.

The HDPE plastic meshis mainly used for aquatic products, poultry breeding, sericulture, civil engineering, sapling protection, garden course protection, railways, highways, roadbed reinforcement, etc.

The HDPE mesh net is extruded to diamond and square plastic mesh. Diamond netting is the most common type of extruded plastic netting.

Feature of HDPE Mesh Net

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is made from naturally UV resistant materials

Do not absorb water and will not rot, but have a lower break strength than nylon. It does not absorb water, there is less sag, therefore less adjustments are needed to the net

This plastic net mesh is for high temperature areas, and snowy climates, ultimately ideal for outdoor use.

Used as an electrical insulat

Most products from meyabond are available in bulk rolls or custom cut sizes. Utilize Meyabond's Custom Converting Services to receive the specific sized netting for your needs. Some of these services include slitting, sheeting, or die-cutting.

Specification ofHDPE Plastic Mesh

Mesh opening

Mesh shape






Diamond, hexagon, square


Black, green, white




Diamond, hexagon, square


Black, green, white




Diamond, hexagon, square

350gsm-900gsmas customers required

Black, green, white



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