Sterile Diluents

Performance Characteristics of Sterile Diluents

In many laboratories, it is generally believed that the direct preparation of the buffer from the reagent will be more accurate and cheaper. In fact, it's inconsistent with the truth that the buffer quality is related to reagent purity, reagent weighing accuracy, purified water quality and other factors such as temperature and preparation containers. The sterile diluent is actually better compared with that. But what is sterile diluent? This series of sterile buffers are prepared in a purified environment with high standard materials. After irradiation sterilization, it is suitable for the dilution of different samples, and the sterile diluent price is affordable. Some products can be used with various devices, which are simple, safe and easy to operate.

Product Details of Sterile Diluent



Application and Specification

Solution Sample


Validity Period

Sterile Diluent


For gradient dilution, 9ml/cup


128 cups/ carton

2 years



Sterile Diluent


For gradient dilution, 90ml/bottle


40 bottles/ carton



Sterile Diluent

For gradient dilution, 25ml/bottle


40 bottles/ carton


Sterile Diluent

For gradient dilution (suitable for various devices), 1000ml/bottle


10 bottles/ carton


Sterile Diluent

For gradient dilution (suitable for various devices), 5000ml/bottle


2 bottles/ carton


Usage Method of Sterile Diluents

MT-11 Series

<Note> The remaining diluents must be sterilized again according to the above procedure before reuse.

MV2-90 Series

MV2-225 Series

MV-1000 Series

MV-5000 Series

★It is better to use the same company's blender bag, homogenizer and dispensing pump.

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