Neonate/Newborn Transport Cart

Neonate Transport Cart is a hospital baby cartused for NICU neonatal transport isolette: Innovative integrated design concept, change the traditional hospital transport. Accurately controlled flow, CPAP positive pressure respiratory support system. Medical mute, large-diameter mute casters, make transport more stable. Fast, safe, and stable oxygen concentration can be adjusted precisely to meet the requirements of safe oxygen use in guidelines. Low power consumption built-in medical grade air compressor, large capacity UPS endurance is about 40min~120min. Face masks are available for different sizes of roomy baby/newborn beds with a maximum load of 20Kg.

How does a neonate transport cart work?

The efficient portable UPS provides power to drive the micro air compressor, which can effectively alleviate the respiratory disorders of newborns/infants, and the removable portable oxygen cylinders provide oxygen link resuscitator to assist the smooth breathing circulation of newborns/infants.

Pigeon Medical is a professional respiratory therapy equipment suppliers, we provide hospital baby cart, air oxygen blender, infant CPAP, Infant Resuscitator, medical air compressor, and related disposable consumables or accessories. Want to know more. contact us.


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