Monel Gate Valves

Monel® nickel-copper alloy 400 is a solid solution alloy that may be hardened only by cold working.It has high strength and toughness over a wide temperature range and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments.

Monel® is widely used in many fields, especially marine and chemical processing.

Monel® is a kind of corrosion-resistant alloy with the largest amount, the most extensive use and excellent comprehensive properties, bearing excellent corrosion resistance in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine medium as well as in hot concentrated alkali solution.

Features Of

This industrial gate valve owns Good mechanical properties

Good weldability

Board operating temperature

Applications recommended:

Petroleum industry: Especially working in the geology of high-sulfur and high-wax oil reservoirs.

Marine exploitation: Monel owns higher corrosion resistance than copper-based alloys in flowing seawater.

Transport of high temperature hydrogen fluoride gas and hydrofluoric acid solution

As a valve maker, we can offer monel gate valves that meet different needs. Contact us to know more!

Application Of Monel Gate Valves

Monel manual regulating supplier valveserves many different applications in these industries:



Oil & Gas


Sea Water

Nuclear Power

Oil Refining


Hydrocarbon Processing

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