Watch Buckle

The double fold and triple fold type strap were born successively. Their greatest progress is to use pinholes as only part of the fixed strap, and fix the strap with pinholes, while the other end is metal folding buckle. The action of taking off watches every day is that the folding buckle plays a role, and it will not hurt the surrounding of the strap and hole at all.

JLY plays a very important role as a custom watch buckle manufacturer, we provide different types of wrist watch buckleof different sizes from 16mm to 22mm. Besides, our watch buckle for wholesale are of various materials including black,bronze,brass,gold,plastic watch buckle,rose gold, solid gold watch buckle, stainless steel,sterling silver and titanium watch buckles.

Watch Buckle Specifications

Product key words: Stainless steel pen holder trim

materials: stainless steel 316L 304 17-4PH titanium Surface

Requirements: polishing, sand pulling, sand blasting, plating

Size Tolerance range: Custom

Product size: 10mm±0.02-0.09mm

UNSHAN JINLONGYUAN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. is a professional metal injection molding manufacturers, we provide metal injection molding, bronzewatch buckle 20mm, watch buckle for sale, 20mm bronze watch buckle, etc.


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