Servo Amplifier

In order to ensure productivity and processing quality, servo control amplifierrequires not only high positioning accuracy but also good rapid response characteristics.

When the numerical control system is starting and braking, a servo motor drive amplifier is required to increase and decrease accelerated speed sufficiently. The transition process time of the feeding system is shortened and the transition error of the contour is reduced. And ac motor servo has the same advantages.

Servo power amplifierinclude an ac servo motor amplifierand dc servo motor amplifier. This servo amplifier is one of the types of our industrial automation control products, which has many advantages like low speed, high torque, high overload capacity and high reliability. Here are two types of mitsubishi industrial automation servo amplifiers.

Types of Servo Amplifier

Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier MDS-DH-CV-185

Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier MDS-DH-CV-370

What is a Servo Amplifier?

A servo amplifier refers to a mechanical element that is used to power electronic servomechanisms. A servo motor amplifier delivers signals from the command module of the robot and transmits them to the servo motor. Therefore, the motor understands the certainly given move. With a servo motor drive amplifier, servo motors can operate much more consistently. It is said that the path trajectory and overall motion of the robot are smoother during the process of operation.

Servo Amplifier Function

With a servo amplifier, a machine can improve its overall performance. By promoting the efficiency of the overall motion of a robot, a servo amplifier is also helpful for the operation parts. A servo amplifier is also good at speed and accuracy enhancement and quality assurance.

FAQs about Servo Amplifier

Do you have different manufacturers of servo amplifiers?

Yes, we provide servo amplifiers for different brands such as Mitsubishi servo amplifier, Panasonic servo amplifier, Fanuc servo amplifierand so on.

What is the difference between an AC servo amplifierand a DC servo motor amplifier?

The main difference between the two amplifiers is their source of power. AC servo motor amplifier depends on an electric outlet. While DC servo motor amplifier is relied only on voltage.

How does a servo amplifier work?

A command signal is sent from the control board and then the servo drive receives the signal. A servo amplifier is used to amplify the low-power signal up to move the servo motor. A sensor on the servo motor reports the status of the motor to the servo drive through a feedback signal.

Viyork is a professional servo amplifier suppliers, we provideindustrial automation devices,schneider 5kw inverter, servo drive amplifier, etc. If you want to know servo amplifier definitionor more, please contact us.


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