Diluents Series

What are diluents

In daily practical experiments, when the liquid samples are collected correctly, we often do not need a pure solution to carry out experiments. In order to get better and more accurate detection results, diluent wateror other solutions will be added to obtain the solution with lower concentration. In this process, the solvent diluentis needed. In many laboratories, it is generally believed that direct preparation of buffer by diluent reagent will be more accurate and cheaper, which is not in line with the fact, because the quality of buffer is related to the purity of reagent, the accuracy of reagent weighing, the quality of purified water and other factors such as temperature, preparation container and so on.

In the case of neutralization of disinfectants such as quaternary ammonium is quite important to the antimicrobial activity, it is recommended to use Letheen Broth of Swab Samplerto test preservative materials.

ELEX diluents series has greatly improved the trouble and inaccuracy caused by the preparation of diluents on site. The product mainly contains two types of diluents: gradient dilution and sterile diluents.

Gradient dilution is the most widely used in the laboratory. It has phosphate-buffered saline, 1% buffered peptone water and 0.1% phosphate-buffered peptone saline. Other solutions can be customized according to customer needs. The wide push plate design of the front end of the gradient dilution liquid bottle cap minimizes the possibility of contact pollution when opening the cap; the tongue pressing design of the back end of the bottle cap facilitates the easy control of the opening angle of the cap by one hand, which make the operation more convenient, reasonable and convenient.

Sterile diluents mainly have MT-11 series, MV2-90 series, MV-225 series (wide mouth), MV2-1000 series and MV-1000 series, equipped with PBS, BPW, MRD and AP solutions. MT-11 series contains 9ml diluents, which is similar to gradient diluents GD-9 for gradient dilution. Customers can customize different types of diluents according to their own needs. The series of buffers are prepared with high standard substances under purified environment and sterilized by irradiation. They are suitable for dilution of different quantities of samples. Some products can be used in conjunction with various devices produced by our company to prevent secondary pollution, which is safe, highly efficient and easy to operate.


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