Abrasive Cloth

After a series of treatments, raw cloth such as cotton cloth, polyester cloth, and blended fabric will have high tear strength, low ductility, different softness. And then through electrostatic strewing, the abrasive grains are evenly and densely bonded by high-strength resin to obtain super abrasive grinding cloth. The special anti-burn coating effectively avoids the burn of the abrasive sand cloth at high temperature during the metal grinding. The special anti-clogging coating of the sand cloth can effectively avoid clogging caused by soft metal scraps and woodworking scraps. So RMC and RIKEN aluminium oxide abrasive clothhave high cutting efficiency and service life.

The emery cloth roll is widely used in the rough grinding of metal, woodworking, plate, and other industries, polishing and grinding of soft metal crafts, brushing and drawing of stainless steel, grinding and removal of solder joints, etc.

Brief Introduction of Sand Cloth Roll

Riken and RMC emery cloth always provides suitable sanding solutions with a wide range from Jwt soft cloth to Xwt and Ywt hard cloth, from pure cotton cloth to blended fabrics and polyester fabrics. The best selling abrasive cloth includes Jwt cloth AJ25 for belt and narrow rolls, flexible cloth AJ24 for hand use, Zirconium grain ZX67F for flap discs and flap wheels.

RIKEN RMC AJ25 cloth abrasive rollshave Jwt cloth backing, excellent flexibility and strength are suitable for belt making. AJ25 has high efficiency and long service life. It is mainly used in the stainless steel, surgical instruments, carbon steel, hardwood, furniture, and irregular surfaces and so on.

Riken RMC abrasive clothAJ24 with Jwt cloth backing is a high-quality flexible product and easy to be torn by hand. It is widely used in woodworking, metal finishing means decoration and so on, suitable for curve and special-shaped surface. Multi-purpose abrasive for use on mild steels, brass, copper, as well as hard and softwoods and so on.

Riken Abrasivesis a professional abrasives factory, we provide emery cloth 320, 320 emery cloth, china abrasivesand etc.


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