Caries Model

Dental caries -- a disease caused by a variety of factors in the mouth, characterized by the demineralization of inorganic materials and the decomposition of organic matter, and the evolution of the tooth from color change to the formation of substantial lesions. It is characterized by high incidence and wide distribution. Is the main common oral diseases, is also one of the most common human diseases, if not treated in time, the lesions continue to develop, the formation of cavities, and finally to the complete destruction of the tooth crown disappeared. Untreated cavities do not heal on their own, and the end result is tooth loss.

UM-L10 4 Times Sized Caries Disassembling Model

UM-L10 is a resinous removable 4-fold caries evolution model for dental teaching and patient communication.

UM-L10-01 Caries Comparation

UM-L10-1 is a 6 times caries contrast model made of resin, with normal teeth on one side and caries on the other. It is used for doctor-patient teaching and communication.

UM-U10 Standard Children Model

Dental teaching children 24 full deciduous teeth model of soft gingival deciduous teeth removable model.

UM-U10-1 Children

UM-U10 is a children's dental pathological model children's dental development children's dental caries modelchildren teaching caries model,Primary Caries ring ( gum can be removed ).

UM-U13 Six Times Caris Anatomy Model

UM-U13 is dental teaching AIDS 6 times dental nerve model crystal tooth structure anatomy for doctor-patient communication.

Clinical Picture of Caries Model

Also called enamel caries, caries are confined to the enamel. In the early stage of the smooth surface for demineralization caused by chalky patches, later due to the coloring and yellow-brown, the pit and groove is immersed in the ink-like dispersion, generally no obvious caries, only when the rough feeling, late can appear limited to the shallow holes in the enamel, no self-conscious symptoms, no response probing.

The caries has reached the superficial layer of dentin. There are obvious caries holes in clinical examination, and there may be pain probe. Pain response to external stimuli (such as cold, heat, sweet, acid and food insertion, etc.) may occur.

Caries has reached the deep dentine, generally manifested as large and deep cavities, or the entrance is small and deep with more extensive damage, the response to external stimulus is more than the middle caries, but after the removal of the stimulus source, can still immediately relieve pain, no spontaneous pain.

The dark transmission area on the X-ray film may assist in the diagnosis of the difficult to diagnose (such as adjacent surface caries).

Treatment of Caries Model

Ways To Prevent Caries

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