Plastic Dart And Target Ring Set

This sports lawn darts game setwill meet most of your sports needs, including indoor sports and sports for the whole family.

It plays a great role in promoting a happy atmosphere among family members and is suitable for people of all ages.


Both children and adults can play.

Easy to assemble and easy to carry.

It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Eco-friendly material.

Customize for customers.

Attach great importance to quality.

Products have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.


Plastic Dart and Target Ring Set





1 Pounds

Parts list

Weighted mushroom shaped toss ups x4

Target rings x2


According to the needs of indoor and outdoor sports developed toys, when you go out to play and enjoy a barbecue can come to a darts game to relax, you can also rest at home to a darts game to active body.


How to Play Roundnet Spikeball?

Big spikeball is easy to play compared with volleyball, and its unique rules make the game relatively challenging. Normally, there are four players involved, and in this way no one is sitting out. So how to play this game? Here are some points:

Sport spikeball involves 4 people, and 2 of them are in the middle.

For the starting of the game, one team spikes the ball off the net to the opposite.

It is the opposing team’s job once the ball hits the net.

3 passes is allowed for each team.


What is the Rules for Spikeball?

Roundnet ball uses rally points to race; the service or receiving team can earn points.

During a spikeball combo game, the competition director assigns the winning score.

2 points must be won unless otherwise agreed or specified.

Finish the race and score points if:

The ball touches the ground, otherwise, it does not return to the net after three touches;

Can hit the ball directly to the basket at any time, including the serve;

The ball bounces and lands on the net or basket;

The ball is clearly rolling on the net.


How to Choose Cornhole Games Set

When choosing a bag toss game set, we have the following suggestions: First, we have to choose a fun bag toss game. For children, fun talents are called toys. Only if they are interested, we can find opportunities to interact with children further. ; Secondly, kids cornhole set is consumable. Please choose cost-effective hole suits because children are very destructive to toys. Then, choose cornhole bean bags for sale that is interesting for children, so that they can arouse their enthusiasm and exercise their thinking.


Can i have cornhole game custom design?

Our company is committed to providing customers with high-quality bean bag toss games for sale and services, especially providing customized designs of hole toys, at a reasonable price and high quality. We will customize personalized cornhole boards to set up the game according to customer needs to meet the needs of different customers.

We have more high quality cheap outside toys for toddlersfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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