Gift Box

All gift boxes come in the category of decorative boxes that are used to beautifully conceal the product. The concept of cardboard gift boxes originated from the age when people decided that just presenting the gift wasn't enough, it had to be presented in a decorative way.

Over time, companies started producing more innovative materials and designs to wrap presents. The trend became so popular that people became more excited for gable gift boxes or a cardboard box rather than the gift itself. The gift boxes come in all sorts of materials, but mostly the trend for cardboard, paperboard and corrugated fibreboard is more prevalent. A present gift box also comes in a range of sizes to suit all needs, including small gift boxes, flat pack gift boxes, mini gift boxes, and large gift boxes. Paper board gift boxes are sturdier and can bear the weight of heavier gifts inside. As one of the professional curated gift box companies, our company provide different types of empty gift personalised packaging boxes for you.

Types of Gift Box

The Advantage of Gift Box

The materials of gift boxes are environment friendly, recycled, and cost-saving. With the increase of the international market requirements for the environmental protection of packaging material, the paper packaging material is the first choice for packaging material.

First, broad source of raw material, low cost, variety of species, and easy to form mass production.

Second, it has a good processing performance, convenient for composite processing and the personalized printing performance is excellent.

Third, it has certain mechanical properties, lighter weight, and good buffer.

Fourth, good sanitation and safety.

Fifth, the wasting can be recycled without pollution, such as the paper mache round boxes with lids, it’s Eco-friendly.

Green Color Printing is a specialized custom box manufacturers. We provide different types of gift boxes, festive gift boxes, yellow gifts for a sunshine box, giant gift box with lid, holiday gift boxes with lids, square gift boxes wholesale, blue themed gift box, personalised baby gift box, packing bag boxand etc.


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