Corrugated Web H-beam Welding Line

The corrugated web beamautomatic welding machine adopts the welding robot originally from Italy which automatically controls the works such as the whole Line laser scanning, two positions welding, welding gun changing, crosssection cutting and so on. This machine has the features of high quality, high efficiency, full-automation and so on.

It can cut, assemble and weld the tapered beam. The welding speed of this production line is about 700 mm/min (max. projected linear average speed). Forthe raw materials to feed into the machine, load the suitable coil onto the decoiler or simply feed the flat plate are both OK.

The length, height and thickness the machine can produce:

H-beam length: 4-16 m

H-beam height: 300-1500 mm

Corrugated web thickness: 2-6 mm(≤235 MPa), 2-4 mm(≤345MPa)

H-beam flat web thickness: 4-8 mm

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