Vigna Umbellata/Kidney Beans

Feature of Kidney Beans

Kidney pinto beansis a rare and rare colored bean species in the Hexi Corridor of China. The Kidney beans shape is oval, half white, back brown. The panda bean is called "panda bean" because it has spots on its skin that look like its eyes, nose, and feet.

With unique shape and taste, the panda bean is rich in nutrition and easy to be cooked. Its economic value is particularly high and the market is in short supply.

Because the shape is interesting, unusual beautiful, so both handicraft value, and can be viewed, and charming fragrance, have a unique flavor. General fresh fried food, taste with green beans.

Benefits of Kidney Beans


Kidney beans is rich in plant protein, and protein is conducive to maintaining the immune function of the body and is also the main component of white blood cells and antibodies.


Kidney beans are rich in starch and sugar. They are suitable for people who are hungry, weak, hypoglycemic and after work.


Kidney beans is rich in mineral elements, of which the content of iron, calcium is better, the nutrition elements easy digestion and absorption by human body.


Kidney beans can also improve the situation of anemia, is conducive to promoting hematopoietic function, improve the movement of human qi and blood.

Storing of Kidney Beans

Not too close to the heat source to prevent mass changes.

Specification of Kidney Beans

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Product Name

Kidney beans

Processing Type




Red and white

Moisture (%)


Place of Origin

Chinese mainland

Shelf Life

1 year


25kg per bag or as buyer required

Payment Terms

T/T or L/C

Supply Ability

100 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Premium flower Kidney beans for Human Consumption

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