What Are Drippers

In the water drippers irrigation system, the device that changes the pressure water flow in the capillary into drip or fine flow through the flow channel or orifice is called irrigation drippers or irrigation emitters. Most drippers are made of plastic. The commonly used dripper flow rate is 1 to 4 liters/hour, generally is not more than 12 liters/hour. The quality of the drip system emitters directly affects the reliability of the drip irrigation system and the quality of the irrigation water. Therefore, the drippers in drip irrigation are often compared to the "heart" of the water drippers irrigation system. There are many ways to classify water drippers.

Different types of drip irrigation systemsare classified according to the connection method of drippers and capillaries, which are divided into tube-type drippers, inter-tube drippers, and in-line drippers; the second is classified according to the flow state of the dripper, which is divided into a laminar flow dripper and a turbulent dripper; the third is classified according to the energy dissipation method of the drip irrigation system emitters, which is generally divided into a long flow channel dripper, an orifice dripper, and a maze dripper, pressure-compensated dripper, automatic backwash dripper and anti-backward pressure-compensated dripper, etc.

Drip Irrigation System Drippers/Emitters Features

Material: PP

Connection: 4/7mm pvc hose

Working pressure: 1-3bar

Flow rate: 0-70L/H

Application: Public green field, home gardening, agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation

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