Isoquercitrin CAS NO.482-35-9

Product name


Another name

Quercetin 3-glucoside

Main source

Sophora Japonica L.



Isoquercitrin Chemical Formula


Isoquercitrin Molecular Weight


Test Method



Yellow powder/needle crystal

Isoquercitrin Solubility

water soluble<0.1 g/100 at 21 DEG C, soluble in cold water, soluble in alkali solution deep yellow

Isoquercetin is a flavonoid, a type of chemical compound. Isoquercetin is the 3-O-glucoside of quercetin, which is decomposed enzymatically by Rutin, sourced from Sophora Japonica L. Isoquercetin has the function of lower blood pressure and anti-inflammatory effect. There are several kinds of isoquercitrin, such as enzymatically modified isoquercitrin and alpha glycosyl isoquercitrin, among which alpha glycosyl isoquercitrin is for allergies.

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Benefits of Isoquercitrin for Health

Isoquercitrin benefitsfor our health, as following:

  1. Isoquercitrin supplementcan lower blood levels.

When the seasons turn, it is the peak period of asthma attacks. What should I do if I don’t want to have asthma and old problems again? In addition to actively seeking medical treatment and taking medications on time, the daily diet includes a moderate intake of fresh fruits and vegetables such as onions and apples to obtain isoquercitrin, which is known as the "natural antihistamine", and take good care of daily nutrition, which is also a good way of self-care! Isoquercetin is a "natural antihistamine" that can help fight asthma and allergic diseases. Nutritionists say that isoquercitrin is a plant-derived polyphenol component, and polyphenols are used in nutrition. It is generally considered to be an effective anti-allergic agent. Moderate intake can affect various biological pathways and immune cell functions in the body's allergic immune response.

Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin for Weight Loss

As a strong antioxidant, foods rich in isoquercitrin are believed to have many health benefits. Some of the health benefits of isoquercitrin include lowering blood pressure and blood lipids. Isoquercetin is a rich source of flavonoids in the diet. Studies have shown that it has the effect of reducing fat and losing weight. In recent years, the mechanism of isoquercitrin's weight loss effect is to inhibit the absorption of dietary energy and nutrients, improve the body's fat metabolism, inhibit the accumulation of triglycerides, promote the apoptosis of fat cells, and regulate the release of adipokines.

What Are isoquercitrin side effects?

The common side effects of oral isoquercitrin are numbness in arms and legs; headache. Very high doses of intravenous isoquercitrin may cause certain side effects in some people, such as flushing and sweating, nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing, kidney damage, etc.

Another possible side effect associated with excessive intake of isoquercitrin is that it may interfere with thyroid function. In addition to side effects such as thyroid dysfunction, taking isoquercitrin may also worsen the condition of patients with kidney disease.

Excessive intake of isoquercitrin may cause many side effects, including interference with normal thyroid function. Avoid taking quercetin supplements without the guidance of your healthcare practitioner to avoid side effects.

Isoquercitrin VS Quercetin: What's the Difference?

First of all, quercetin and isoquercitrin, both are natural plant flavonoids. Quercetin itself has two molecules of bound water (dihydrate), the molecular formula is C15H10O7+2H2O, so quercetin dihydrate Quercetin is a more stringent name for quercetin raw materials, but in the determination of quercetin content, the content of anhydrous quercetin must be calculated, which means that two molecules of water must be removed from the calculation. From the perspective of the chemical structure, dihydroquercetin is the reduced form of quercetin, which is the product of hydrogenating the double bond at positions 2 and 3 in the flavonoid core, with the molecular formula C15H12O7, while isoquercitrin is a glycoside. Quercetin is an aglycone, which is commonly known as a glycoside. isoquercitrin is a skeleton with a glucose added with a molecular formula of C21H20O12. Quercetin and isoquercitrin are both derived from rutin for desugar treatment. The removal of one sugar (rhamnose) forms isoquercitrin, and the removal of two sugars (glucose + rhamnose) forms quercetin. In terms of water solubility, quercetin is insoluble in water and can only be made into tablets, while dihydroquercetin and isoquercitrin have better water solubility. In terms of bioavailability, isoquercitrin has been proven to have a higher bioavailability and faster absorption rate than quercetin or quercetin (rutin), and its rate is about twice that of quercetin. It is ten times higher than quercetin (rutin). The glucose part of isoquercitrin accelerates the uptake of molecules and the conversion to quercetin.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of Isoquercitrin Powder

Assay Item


Test Result

Assay( on dry Product)






Yellow powder



None to slight


Heavy metals


















Sulfated ashes



Solvent residue



Particle size

95% Through 80 mesh





Mould and Yeast






Escherichia coli



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