Plant Support Net

Climbing plant support netis a great value trellis netting that can be used either vertically to support your plants or horizontally in multiple layers so your plants can grow through the netting and be supported as it grows. This garden trellis net is in green so as to better blend with crops and work as a more natural-looking support system.

Vertical Support of Plant Climbing Net

The invisible trellis nettingcan be used as a vertical support that is ideal for growing vegetables, such as peas, tomatoes, pole beans, and cucumbers. That's because the plants attach easily to the net with no additional tying necessary. This technique provides greater exposure to air and sun and reduces ground contact which can result in rotten crops.

Trellis support netting increases plants' exposure to air and light, maximizes space and reduces ground contact, thus minimizing spoilage due to mold, bacteria, and fungus. Trellis in horizontal layers to provide stem support for plants. This green, UV-resistant, lightweight polypropylene mesh is economical and efficient. It is strong, easy to install, will not rot, rust or mold, and lasts for years.

Horizontal Support of Plant Climbing Net

When applied horizontally in layers, our trellis netting is ideal to allow plants to grow up through the netting and be supported without the need to monitor growth and to continually handle the plants and to tie to the supports. Great for flower beds and has surprisingly become immensely popular with medical marijuana growers as the netting supports the plants as it grows up through the mesh.

When installed horizontally in layers, this climbing plant support netting meshencourages air circulation, improves exposure to the sun and optimise the space available. When applied horizontally over flower beds, the climbing plant support net provides perfect stem support for fragile flowers and stems and adds a very strong support structure ideal for growing healthy plants.

Feature of Plant Support Net:

UV stabilized for long life.

Chemical resistance, Corrosion resistance.

Green color blends in seamlessly for a more natural looking plant support

Double reinforced edges for strength, edge visibility and tensioning by helping to contain your support cable.

Light in weight - easy to handle

Thin 8g/sqm but strong

Cardboard core for easy unrolling and setting up

Provides better exposure to light and air

Easily Cut to any size.

Nearly Invisible.

Used year after year.

Specification of Plant Support Net







Hole size






Specification of Plant Trellis Netting




White & Green


Hole size






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