F-1000 Mud Pump


F 1000 mud pumpfor oil drilling have features of solid and compact structure, small volume, good and reliable performance. It can meet the drilling requirements such as high pressure and big displacements whether in land drilling or off-shore drilling.

F 1000 mud pumps have a longer stroke and can be operated at a lower stroke, thus improved the water supplying performance effectively and extended the lifetime of mud pump fluid end parts greatly.

Forced lubrication combined with splash lubrication to make lubrication effect perfect;

F Series Mud Pumps are manufactured under standard of API Spec 7k, mud pump parts at the fluid end are interchangeable with the parts that are in conformity with API Spec.

The suction pulsation dampener has an advanced structure which is reliable to use and can make the pump realize its best suction performance.

Performance of mud pump was greatly improved by durable fluid end; and examination, mud pump repair and mud pump maintenance are easier to make due to its independent structure.

F-1000 mud pump specification



Rated Power(kW/HP)



Triplex Single-Acting

Strokes per minute


Stroke Length (mm/in)


170/6 3/4"

Gear Type

Herringbone Gear

Valve Pot


Gear Ratio

Dia of Suction Inlet(mm/in)


Dia of Discharge Outlet

5 1/8"flange 5000psi

Max Pressure(Mpa/psi)

Overall Dimensions(mm/in)

4267*3167*2580 / 68"*125"*102"

Weight kg(lb)

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