S780+ Grow Light

Plants rely on the energy of light for photosynthesis to grow, blossom, and bear fruit. However, due to the ever-changing climate change and light change in nature, plants can not fully absorb the photosynthetic nutrients they need in different growth periods, which brings disadvantages to growth, especially in the seedling stage.

Led S780+ Grow Light helps to shorten the growth cycle of plants because the light source is mainly composed of red and blue light sources. The most sensitive light band of plants is adopted. The red light wavelength is 620-630nm and 640-660nm, and the blue light wavelength is 450-460nm and 460-470nm. These light sources allow plants to produce the best photosynthesis and get the best growth state. Both experiments and practical applications show that, in addition to supplying light to plants during the lack of light, plants can also promote the differentiation of multiple lateral branches and buds, accelerate the growth of roots, stems, and leaves, accelerate the synthesis of plant carbohydrates and vitamins, and shorten the growth cycle. In the modernization drive, S780+ Grow Light is an indispensable product of crops.

Advantages of S780+ Grow Light

S780+ Grow Lights do not require standard power socket connectors for drives or cooling fans. It can provide the red and blue light wavelength required for plant growth, and compared with other ordinary lighting equipment, the S780+ Grow Light is mild and will not scorch the seedling plants. When lighting plants with LED plant lamps, the height from the leaves is generally about 0.5-1m. Continuous irradiation for 12-16 hours a day can completely replace sunlight. S780+ Grow Light has low energy consumption and high efficiency and can save 10% ~ 20% of electricity. Blue light can promote plant growth, while red light can make plants bloom and bear fruit. Supreme is a professional manufacturer of led glow lights for plantsand vertical grow lights. Here are some hot sale product, such as cacti grow lights, commercial grow led lightsfor tomatoes, lighting for aloe plants. If you have any interests in other plants growing lights and different growing stage lights, you can inquiry our team by .

Specifications of S780+ Grow Light

Specifications & Resources

The S780+ Grow Light simulates natural light. It can also produce red and blue light mixed products according to the needs of customers. It provides an accurate spectral range for photosynthesis of pl...

S780+ Grow Light Case

SPYDR Series

Case Studies

S780+ Grow Light has been applied to flower cultivation. S780+ Grow Light has many important characteristics different from other electric light sources, such as fixed wavelength, high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection, safety and reliability, long service life, low heating capacity, flexible design, and easy installation, which opens up a new way of light supplement. Therefore, S780+ Grow Light is considered to be the most promising artificial light source for facility flower cultivation in the future and has a good development prospect.

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