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As we all know, plants need to use the energy of light for photosynthesis in order to obtain the nutrients necessary for growth and development. Therefore, light is the key to the survival of plants. S960+ uvb led grow lightsis a special lamp with specific spectral wavelength designed to replace sunlight with the light emitted by LED light-emitting elements, specifically promote plant photosynthesis and create a light environment suitable for plant growth and development. The newly rising S960+ Grow Light has the advantages of long service life, low energy consumption, and adjustable spectrum. It is more and more favored by people in the regulation of facility light environment. The light emission spectrum of S960+ Grow Light can be basically divided into all blue, all red, red blue combination, or several types including all light emission spectrum (all light spectrum) in 400-700nm. Generally, for commercial grow lightswith power less than 8W, the irradiation distance is about 0.5m, and for plant lamps with power greater than 8W, the irradiation distance can be between 0.7-1m.

Advantages of S960+ Grow Light

The traditional incandescent lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp can not control the light-emitting wavelength, and there are unnecessary wavelength components of plants, which produce a lot of heat without obvious effect. They consumes electricity and increases the cost. The red and blue light wavelength of S960+ Grow Light is accurate and controllable. S960+ Grow Light can also customize the light ratio suitable for different plants and different growth stages, solve the problem of lack of sunshine in the greenhouse in winter, promote the chlorophyll required in plant photosynthesis, improve the sweetness of fruits and reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests.

Specifications of S960+ Grow Light

Specifications & Resources

Due to the differences in the growth laws of different plants, the light band and light color ratio required by each plant are not exactly the same. Generally, they need to be customized according to their own planting plants and communication with the manufacturer.

S960+ Grow Light Case

SPYDR Series

Case Studies

It is found that red orange light will significantly accelerate the development of plants, be conducive to the accumulation of dry matter and the formation of plant organs, cause plants to bloom and bear fruit earlier, and play a leading role in plant color enhancement and yield increase. The cucumber grown in greenhouse is irradiated and cultured with red and blue S960+ Grow Light. The results shows that the cucumber seedlings irradiated and cultured with S960+ Grow Light have thicker leaves, deeper color and stronger plant growth.

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