Face Brushes

Help to make a difference with our brush for finishing powderthat provides a flawless finish using ultra-soft fibers. Beloved by the industry's top beauty editors, influencers and professional makeup artists, this loose powder brushis now accepted by a lot of clients

Types of high quality professional makeup brushes

Putty Primer & Foundation Brush

Face Concealer Brush

Face Brushes Uses

These synthetic cheap face brushwere designed to help apply your liquid or cream foundation, concealer, blush, and powder makeup the way you desire.

As a professional makeup brushesfactory, we provide all brushes setfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

As one of private label makeup manufacturers, we are mainly engaged in researching, developing, and manufacturing makeup cosmetics, skincare, personal cruelty free body care, and household cleaning products. Our high-quality products are exported to Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, South Asian markets. Meanwhile, we provide OEM/ODM private label contract manufacturing service to many domestic and international brand companies.


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