Magnetic Tape

Magnetic (ribbon/ruler) tape (also called cuttable magnetic strips) is made of strontium ferrite powder compounded with plastics or rubbers (NBB or CPE) by the extruding process. There are 3 grades of magnetic duct tape: Isotropic, Semi-anisotropic, Anisotropic, as the magnetic is mainly 1.5mm thick, the isotropic grade can meet the requirement of pull force for most applications. The main characteristics of magnetic tape are soft and flexible, it can be easily cut to any shape, bent, twisted, coiled, no loss of magnetic properties will happen during this.

As one ofreputable magnetic tape suppliers, RiSheng has its own magnetic tape factoryand supplies various types of magnetic strips. Our products are widely used for shower doors, whiteboards, curtains, fridges, fabric, carfts, ducts, cars, for wall hanging, mounting, shielding, warning... RiSheng provides customized magetic metal roll strips to better meet the specific requirements of our customers: 2sided/double sided; sticky back or non self adhesive; mutli pole, double pole, or matched positive and negative industrial strength magnetic tape; very strong or extra/super strong; with industrial high strength or heavy duty; ultra thin, thick or wide; outdoor removable waterproof; cuttable; flexible neodymium; white/black/colored; 1 inch or 2 inch; magnetic tape that attracts to itselffor attaching magnets... RiSheng has prepared pdf and videos for our customers, ranging from magnet to magnet tape, and to accessories like magnetic tape dispenser. Contact us now, get relevant materials, cheaper price, and the best service.

Manufacturing Method Of Magnetic Tape

The production ways of ferrous metal tapeare that, the materials are extruded from a specific mold, the standard sizes are thickness(1mm, 1.5mm), width(10mm, 12.7mm, 19mm, 20mm, 25.4mm), and length(10m, 30m, 200m). If a special size of thickness/width is required, a new mold will need to be opened to produce it.

Strong magnetic tapeis always multiple poles magnetized on a single face with magnetic pitch 2.5mm or 3.175mm. Though magnetized thru thickness is also possible for magnetic tape if it is required for special applications, a single-pole will be on each face at this condition.

The non-magnetic face of the magnetic sheet can be plain or laminated with standard adhesive, premium adhesive, foam adhesive, or colorful PVC upon request, while the magnetic face is generally with UV coating.

Applications Of Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is widely used in various commercial and industrial applications, mainly for Automotive Signs, Business Cards, Commercial Signage, Crafting Projects, DIY Home Improvement, Fridge Magnets, Large Format Graphics, Name Badge Holders, Office Presentations, Packaging Closures, Paint Masking Applications, POP & Tradeshow Displays, Promotional Giveaways, Warehouse Labeling, Windows & Door Seals.

If you want to know more about steel tape adhesive backed for attaching magnets, please contact us.

As a mounting magnet factory, we will do our best to meet all customers’needs.


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