Hermetic Sealing Fiber Array

MEISU's hermetic sealing fiber array is realized by gold-coating the fiber cladding before inserting them into a metal (KOVAR) tube. Gap between fibers and tube is fully filled with sodering tin. The metal (KOVAR) tube of MEISU's hermetic sealing fiber is gold-coated as well to prevent it from oxidization. Such linear fiber array is commonly used in optical devices and modules that require air-tight packaging. The gold-coated Kover tube is easy to be fixed in optical devices using soldering tin and achieve air-tightness.

Hermetic Sealing FA Features

Fiber count: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16

Core Pitch: 127μm, 250μm

Pitch Tolerance:<0.5μm

Fiber Type: PM, SM, MM fiber

Gold-coated KOVAR case

High reliability

How It Works

To guarantee the stability and reliability of the optical devices, hermetic sealing fiber array uses a sealable ribbon fiber. This kind of ribbon fiber can pass through a gold-coated KOVAR casing assembly and constitute a sealing system. And the gap between the ribbon fiber and the metal casing assembly is filled with solder and sealed, thus the fiber array can withstand the secondary welding temperature.

MEISU is a fiber optic switches manufacturer. We provide optical line protection switch, custom optical assemblies, optical switches for sale, optical fiber v groove, pm fiber assemblies and etc. Want to know the drtails of hermetic fiber optic feedthroughor more, contact us.


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