RFID ABS On Metal Tag

Description of RFID ABS On Metal Tag

UHF abs security tagsare long read range passive UHF rfid abs tagon metal surfaces. It has a sturdy housing, so it can be used in harsh outdoor environments. Specially designed screw holes allow this china rfid hard tagto be firmly nailed to the surface of the item.

DTB provides both global and regional options for global asset management needs.


Operating Frequency

860~960 MHz

International Standards

EPC Global Class1 Gen2ISO 18000-6C

Size options

Current size options

customized shape created by mould

Base material


Color options


Numbering options

Serial numberQR code

Glue options

Generic option3M options

Packing Details of RFID ABS On Metal Tag

100 pcs per OPP bag;

10 pcs per white box;

10,000 pcs per paper carton;

Carton size: 50*23*16 CM.

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