Planter Kits

Sundi garden planter kits: Using Sundi WPCand stainless frame, Sundi Tree Box is more beautiful and more durable with kinds of designs. You will always find the garden planter kits you like from different tree box sizes, the garden planter box kitsfor flowers and a big one for bush. Sundi planter box kits sale and tree boxes for sale will decorate your yard more and more vibrant.

These are not your typical wood wooden planter kits that fall apart after a few years of exposure. Our outdoor planter box kits are built to last, using strong construction and durable Adamas WPC—over two inches thick at the corners. Our raised garden planter kits are made from rot-resistant WPC, which is made even more durable by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for vegetable gardening. There are more WPC flowerpot garden products in Sundi. Explore!

Benefits of Planter Kits
The boards of our outdoor raised planter kit are made of composite material. It is an engineering grade material, with water low absorption rate, and it has the following benefits:

Easy to clean:
If you need to clean it, you can just wash it wipe it off and it is good as new.

Beauty and durability:
A beautiful outer look could be maintain for a long time because it's more durable with a longer lifespan.

It's hard to be splitting which can keep safety for all family members.

Momey and time saving:
Saving time and money are another reason for you to choose our planter kit because it's no need for you to paint occasionally. You can leave your planter out all and never think about it unless you want to move it or change the contents.

Planter boxes can be set up anywhere for a quick and convenient container garden. The planter box kit's WPC bottom sits an inch off the ground and provides excellent drainage on non-absorbant surfaces such as compacted dirt and concrete. Planter boxes can be paired with a variety of matching garden trellises for attractive and productive vertical gardening.

As a wpc decking manufacturer, we will do our best to meet all customers’needs.


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