FBG Strain Sensor MS-01

Surface mounted fbg strain gaugeMS-01 can meet the strain measurement needs of various occasions, and can be installed in different monitoring positions such as concrete surfaces or steel surfaces. Mainly used to measure the strain of steel structures and concrete surfaces. The external strain transmits the strain to the internal fiber grating through the sensor mounting base, and the high-precision fiber grating converts the sensed tiny strain into a sensitive optical wavelength, which is analyzed by an FBG interrogator.

Features Of FBG Strain Sensor MS-01

High Sensitivity and Accuracy


Stainless Steel Housing

Long-term Reliability

Intrinsically Safe

Immunity to EMI/RFI

Application Of FBG Strain Sensor MS-01

Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

Building Monitoring

Tunnel Ribs Monitoring

Pipeline Local Strain Analysis

Ship Hull Monitoring

Specification Of FBG Strain Sensor MS-01





Center Wavelength


1460 ~ 1610


Strain Range




Strain Resolution


Strain Accuracy1


Operating temperature




φ12 * 126








Pigtail Type


Amoured Or Jumper Cable


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