Freeze-Dried Pet Treats Series

The freeze-dried snacks serious is made of a variety of meats of high-quality, and pure meat is frozen in an ultra-low temperature environment of minus 36 degrees Celsius. The freeze dried training treat for dogs , puppies and cats is vacuum-dried to firmly lock the nutrients and natural flavor of the ingredients while the water is sublimated.

Water Locked

Almost four kilograms of fresh meat can produce a kilogram of freeze-dried meat. The essence of freeze-dried dog food such as freeze dried chicken for dogs is concentrated and retained by freeze-dried technology. Pigments, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, etc. are not used. It can be restored into fresh meat in the water. Fresh meat can be seen!

Nutrients Locked

The whole process of freeze dried dog treats bulkproduction is carried out in a low-temperature environment, and various trace elements like amino acids, vitamins and minerals are retained. The rich animal protein, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients in the meat can promote the healthy growth of pets.

Effective sterilization and pet's health kept

After extremely fast freezing, vacuum drying and irradiation sterilization after packaging, parasites and bacteria can be effectively killed, and pets can enjoy the feast of raw food!

Freeze-Dried Pet TreatsTypes

FD Chicken Meat Cube

Freeze dried chicken bulkis produced with fresh raw materials from high-quality farms. Through the most advanced vacuum freeze-drying technology, in strict accordance with the standards for human food.

FD Duck Meat Cube

FD Venison Meat Cube

FD Beef Cube

FD Tuna Cube

FD Quail

FD Quail Egg Yolk

FD Chicken Egg Yolk

FD Chicken Liver

FD Beef Liver

FD Venison Liver

FD Chicken Breast

FD Duck Breast

About Peto Freeze Dried Dog Treats & Freeze Dried Raw Cat Treats

Peto Freeze Dried Dog Treats & Freeze Dried Cat Treats Bulkare generally made of pure, fresh meat, which is rapidly frozen at -40°C + vacuum ice dehydration to retain most of the nutrients and deliciousness of the meat. Just like freeze dried seafood, it has very little water content, no additives, and crispy taste. It can quickly restore freshness after adding water. Currently, there are many varieties of freeze-dried dog and cat treats like FD meat cube of chicken,duck, beef, tuna; FD quail; FD quail/chicken egg yolk; FD chicken/venison/beef liver and freeze-dried chicken/duck breast on Peto website.

Benefits Of Freeze Dried Dog & Cat Snacks

As a dog treats supplier, we provide types of freeze dried meat wholesale, if you have needs, please contact us.

We take our clients as the company's biggest fortune.

Focusing on providing high quality petgoodgoods, we put customer service first, offering personalized, direct communication and speed and detail-oriented service to ensure client satisfaction.


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