Study on the Application of Protease in Food Industry

Study on the applicationof protease enzyme in food industry

The role of protease in meat products

The content of muscle fiber protein and collagen in meat is the main reason that affects the tenderness of meat. After the animal is slaughtered, protease acts on the muscle tissues to degrade the muscle fiber protein and collagen through a series of complex chemical reactions, thereby increasing the tenderness of the meat and turning the muscle into edible meat, but during this period the enzymes The vitality of the enzyme is also changing, and the enzymatic hydrolysis of endogenous proteases is far from enough. Protease enzymecan also improve various nutritional indicators in meat food, which is beneficial to the development of meat food deep processing industry. Studies have found that an appropriate amount of trypsin can promote the hydrolysis of proteins in meat and increase flavor substances such as small amino acid peptides, which is of great significance for improving the flavor of meat foods.

The role of protease in baked goods

Baked food mainly refers to bread, cakes and biscuits with flour as the main raw material, which is the convenience food prepared by baking through a series of complicated process methods. Flour contains amylase, protease, pentosanase and other enzymes. The main function of protease is to reduce the gluten of flour, improve the plasticity of gluten, increase dough volume, improve dough toughness, and shorten dough forming time.

The role of protease in beverages

Liquid beverages such as beer and tea beverages contain a lot of protein. During storage, the protein collides and precipitates, which seriously affects the taste of the beverage and subsequent sales. However, protease preparations can effectively solve the above situation. The protease acts on the protein to decompose it into small peptides and amino acids, which not only alleviates the precipitation phenomenon in the drink, but also increases the flavor substances contained in it. The study found that the content of amino nitrogen in tea juice after protease treatment increased by 13% to 39%, and the umami taste and flavor of the tea soup were effectively improved. By adding neutral protease in beer production, the unstable substances are removed, the content of macromolecular protein is reduced, and the stability of beer during storage is improved. Studies have shown that protease can also promote the diastatic fermentation to remove the unpleasant taste of fruit wine and wine, and also have a significant effect on eliminating the turbidity of fruit wine, wine and rice wine. In addition, protease has also made a great contribution to the research and development of new beverages. The use of neutral protease to develop the orange juice peanut peptide beverage that is easily digested and contains high nutrition and unique flavor, which can improve the protein demand of special populations in a way.

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