Hydraulic Cylinder End Cap

Hydraulic Cylinder End Cap

Product: hydraulic cylinder end cap

Application: hydraulic cylinder

Place of origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Material: C45, 20, ASTM A216 70-36 grade WCB

Process: die mold forged, forging + CNC machining,

Surface treatment: anti-rust oil or painting

Surface roughness: 12.5Ra

Weight: 0.5-50kg

Sample lead-time: 3-8 weeks

Heat treatment: normalizing, quenching, tempering and annealing

Hydraulic cylinder end cap is also known as “blind end”. Because hydraulic cylinder end cap is inside the cylinder barrel and not exposed to daylight, hence the name. This part encloses the pressure chamber from one end of the hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder head has the option for an integrated rod sealing arrangement or an option for a seal gland.

Hydraulic Cylinder End Cap

Product Description

Hydraulic Cylinder End Cap Description

Customized drawings are accepted


Packing: seaworthy packing or as per clients' requirements

Competitive advantages of hydraulic cylinder end cap:

  1. hydraulic cylinder componentsconnect the cylinder rod and the other equipment, the cylinder loading output bears on it.

The forged hydraulic cylinder end cap used on different type of cylinders, strong and durable.

The precision forging process of hydraulic cylinder end cap can guarantee the material without defect inside the parts.

We can provide machined hydraulic cylinder end caps according to customer’s drawings.

Forging is a process method that uses forging machinery to exert pressure on metal blanks, causing them to create plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. By forging can eliminate the metal in the smelting process of the casting state loose and other defects, optimize the microstructure, and because of the preservation of complete metal streamlined, forging mechanical properties are generally better than the same material castings

If you want to buy high quality forged steel parts, please choose our company.


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