20.5 R25 Tires

Features Of UTAD3 OTR Tires

Non-directional, multi-block tread engineered for superior traction and stability:

The non-directional tread design with big blocks and open shoulder grooves delivers high fore, aft and lateral traction, and superior self-cleaning capability;

The ultra-wide tread design and enhanced radial tyre construction design offer improved stability and high flotation.

Architecture enhanced with high tensile steel belt package and robust carcass for superior impact resistance and higher load capacity.

High tensile steel belts package built in for better impact and puncture resistance;

Robust carcass: new structure ply cord and lengthened ply cord wraping-up;

The bead bundle is designed in semicircle shape, which greatly increases the adhesion, making the bead part stronger and the structure more stable.

Tread base and sidewall thickened for better cut and puncture resistance:

Super thick tread base is applied to increase the puncture resistance;

The sidewall is thickened for better cut resistance and impact;

Special cut resistance compound is used to increase the life cycle.

All Popular Tire Size





750/65 R25






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