The backing paper of RIKEN RMC AP23M is very flexible and with high wear resistance character. It is suitable for hand sanding use, also could be processed into roll and disc by sanding tools.

Advantages of Stick on Sanding Pads

AP23M special super coating makes the abrasive paper has super anti-clogging and anti-statistic performance, so it could get high sanding efficiency and good expected surface.

RIKEN RMC AP23M is an ideal product, especially for paint sanding. It is widely used in wood, furniture paints sanding, metal appliances sanding, auto repair coating sanding and other kinds of coating paint sanding.

We have 150 grit sanding disc, 800 grit orbital sandpaper, and other grit products for you to choose from. Contact us to get more product details.

Riken Abrasivesis a professional abrasives supplier, we provide china abrasives, 320 emery cloth, china abrasivesand etc. Want to know the details of stick on sandpaper, contact us.


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