In the past few decades, esophageal polypectomyhas been very helpful in reducing the incidence and mortality of cancer, and has become the cornerstone of the prevention of cancers occured in digestive tract in the future. Endoscopic polypectomy includes high-frequency electrocoagulation, nylon wire ligation, argon ion coagulation, and microwave cauterization. Among them, high-frequency electrocoagulation resection is currently the most widely used treatment method.

Advantages of Polypectomy

With ESD knifes, it can achieve curative resection of superficial gastrointestinal lesions

Compared with traditional EMR, it has the advantage of being able to excise the lesion larger than 2cm in diameter in one piece, thereby avoiding local recurrence

Effectively prevent gastrointestinal cancer

Less bleeding and low risk of perforation

Operation Steps of Polypectomy

As for polypectomy, the high-frequency electrocoagulation resection can be adopted. Take the high-frequency electrocoagulation resection for example, its general steps of are as follows:

The Sterile Hot Snare covers the tumor and electrocautes, after it was cut off, use biopsy forceps or grasping forceps to clamp it and take out the specimen through the gastroscope.

The specimen is sent for pathological examination.

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