Smart Jump Rope

Our smart skipping ropehas free style mode and a countdown mode. In addition to the LED display showing the number of skipping, it can also connect to the Tuya APP of mobile via Bluetooth to record and share your exercise status.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Jump Rope

The price of smart skipping rope is higher than that of ordinary skipping rope, but the benefits of smart jump rope with apphave not diminished at all. It increases the fun of skipping rope, so it is a very cost-effective smart sports equipment.

Rope skipping can exercise almost our entire body. Through the data recording, sharing and competition of skipping, the smart jump rope can guide us to stick to this sport.

Smart skipping rope can change the wire to a cordless ball, which is very suitable for beginners and children and stimulates the interest of skipping.

How Smart Jump Rope Work?

The built-in Hall sensor of the smart skipping rope detects the rotation of the rope bearing, could accurately obtains the 360-degree circular motion of the bearing through the built-in algorithm. Also it could precisely sense the details of the user's skipping rope jamming, making the count numbers more accurate. When the skipping rope connect to Bluetooth, all the skipping data will be synchronized to the APP. Calories, frequency and other datas will be accurately calculated according to personal parameters.

Why Choose China Smart Jump Rope Manufacturers?

The product of skipping rope is not complicated. Judging from the function of the product, the quality of smart skipping rope in China is already very high, which can cover various needs of the fitness market.

From the design point of view, China's smart skipping ropes are stylish in appearance, and there are many styles to choose from.

From the perspective of cost, the price of high-quality smart skipping rope is not high. Compared with some big foreign brands of smart skipping rope, its cost-effective is very attractive

Now the price of smart training equipmentis low, if you want to buy intelligent fitness equipment, please contact us.


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