Auto Chemistry Analyzer GS100

Genrui GS100is the smallest and most integrated chemistry analyzer, which is perfect for low-volume laboratories.

It optimizes the use of space in the laboratory by providing full functionality in small spaces. The standardized operation, which is consistent with larger analyzers, eliminates manual errors and makes test results more reliable. The robust system prolongs uptime and increases the productivity of the lab. The easy automated testing improves the workflow and mitigates manual labour, together with its cost-effectiveness, making it possilble to bring benefits of automatic chemistry to all laboratories.

Specification of GS100 Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Automatic, benchtop, discrete, random access

STAT priority

Throughput of 100 tests/hour

All-in-one with built-in operation system and touch screen

Large reagent and sample tray

8 wavelengths

Auto cuvette wash

Open system or closed system on demand

LIS connectivity

Now the fully automated biochemistry analyser priceis low, if you want to buy a high quality fully auto biochemistry analyzer, please contact us.

Genrui Biotech Inc. is one of the leading Chinese IVD medical device companies specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing IVD(in vitro diagnostics) instruments and reagents and other IVD solutions.


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