Extension Sets

Now, we provide various types of extension sets, including iv extension set with injection port, iv extension set with luer lock, microbore extension set, small bore extension set, syringe extension set, y extension set, etc.

Introduction Of Extension Sets

The extension sets are assembled by a protective cap, conical lock fitting. three-way connector, tubing and clip, and so on.

The catheter extension set is a kind of multifunction connection tube, can be widely used in infusion performance, for example, infusion container, infusion instrument, infusion sets. And the iv extension line also help to increase the medicine filter, flow speed adjustment, or adding medicine of increase set. Also the iv extension set can be used to add the length of the infusion tube.

Details Of Extension Sets

Main material: PE, TPU, PVC, MBS


Male and female Luer adapter

Slide or lock clamp

Standard tubing

Y-injection site

Flow controller


Other Notes Of Hypodermic Syringes.

Product Conformance:

Conform to ISO 8536-4, ISO8536-9

In compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC(CE Class: lla)

Quality Assurance:

The manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.

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