Baghouse Filter

Baghouse Dust Collector for Sale

Main Parts of Bag House Filter

1 electromagnetic pulse valve

2 pulse controller

3 filter bag cage

4 dust filter bag

5 spray ash cleaning

Baghouse filter is the use of new bagged filter media to capture dust in dust gas dry dust removal equipment, Baghouse filter dust removal performance from the dust concentration of dust sources and their volume impact. Trapped dust diameter of more than 0.2 microns, trapping efficiency generally up to 99%, particle size of 1 micron, the capture efficiency is as high as 100%. Export dust concentration can meet or exceed the national standard, generally can reach 30mg / cubic meter, the pressure loss size and operating conditions of the models, generally between 500-2000pa, Baghouse filter in the industrial dust removal system is widely used.

PPC Air Box Pulse Bag Filter

ZC Type Mechanical Rotary Blow Flat Bag Filter

LCM Series Long Bag Offline Pulse Dust Collector

DDMC Single Pulse Jet Bag Filter Dust Collector

Woodworking Dust Remover

How Does A Baghouse Filter Work?

The working principle of Senotay baghouse filter is a filtering process and a cleaning process.

Baghouse Dust Collector Efficiency

Regular maintenance of your filtration system ensures maximum efficiency. Senotay, one of professional baghouse dust collector manufacturers provides recommended intervals for periodic inspection and replacement of components.

1) Inspection / maintenance. This includes a schedule of periodic inspections.

Check baghouse filter regularly. These can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly, semi annual and annual tasks.

2) Differential pressure: the air resistance of the new bag house filter is very small, because the pores of the fabric have not been blocked by particles. As the fabric is filled, the pressure gauge records the static resistance. Pressure drop is a good indicator of dust accumulation on the filter and the condition of the baghouse filtration.

3) Clean the system. An effective cleaning system ammong bag filter working principle needs to be maintained according to its own schedule. Incomplete or ineffective cleaning can lead to the release of dusty air from the system, accumulation in the piping system, and premature wear of filter bags.

4) Collect the discharge from the hopper. The hopper on the bag filter is generally not used to store the collected dust. The dust remaining in the hopper will cause it to return to the air or compact, which needs to be stopped for correction.

5) Filter media. The most important inspection item in filter bags and cages is filter medium. Regular inspection of filter bags is mandatory.

6) Structure and piping system. The structural integrity of welding, joints and seals of bag type dust collector and piping systems will affect performance. Any unexpected change in airflow can mean health concerns.

Baghouse filter basic functions:

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