FFP2 Mask

Professional Protection Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FFP2 face masks/respirators filter at least 94% of airborne particles and meet EU standard EN149 for half masks. They are used to protect the wearer against different types of airborne viruses and particles.

Product Standard: EN149:2001+A1:2009

Specifications: DM9501 FFP2 NR

Packaging: 20pcs/box

4 Ply Guarantee · Upgraded Protection

High Quality Non-woven Spunbond Filter: Effective isolation away from harmful substances

Thickened Electrostatic Absorption Melt-blown Filtering Fiber: A powerful protection against both oily and non-oily particles

Ultrafine Fiber Melt-blown Filtering Layer: Low respiratory resistance

Soft Non-woven Spunbond Fiber: Moisture resistant and comfortable to wear

Ergonomic Design

Three-Dimensional Custom-Design: Comfortable to wear without tight feeling

Wider Elastic Nose Strip: Reduce the tenderness pain on the nose

Comfortable Ultra-Sonic Welding around The Chin: No irritation to the skin and comfortable to wear

Wider Knitted Ear Lanyard: Comfortable and breathable to extended wear

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