Cork Flooring

Cork is an all-natural product derived from the bark of the cork tree which regrows its bark every 9 years. This results in an all-natural environmentally responsible product as cork floor panelswith exceptional physical properties.

Cork Flooring for Sale

Cork is not wood, but the bark of Quercus Variabilis, which is a kind of oak, mainly distributed in the Qinling Mountains and the Mediterranean coast.

Cork flooringsheets are the gift of nature, recyclable and renewable resources.

As a cork floor manufacturer, Yamanjia has been very careful ever since started to choose materials for cork plank/sheet flooring.

Types Of Cork Flooring By Different Installation Methods

As one ofprofessional cork flooring manufacturers, Yamanjia provides two types of cork flooringby different installation methods, which are Floating Cork Flooring and Self Adhesive Cork Tiles. The former natural durable cork flooring is easy to install, while the latter eco-friendly cork board flooringneeds professional installation.

Interlocking Floating Cork Flooring Tiles

FD01 Classic Sand Wood Look Floating Cork Flooring

FD05 Nugget Light Color Floating Cork Flooring

FK02 Shell Water Resistant Floating Cork Flooring

FK03 Block Floating Cork Flooring

FK04 Bamboo Floating Cork Flooring

S01FD01 Khaki Floating Cork Flooring

Interlocking Floating Cork Flooring Tiles

Easy to install and maintance, requirement of ground flatness is not too strict.

Adhesive Cork Tiles

FD01 Classic Sand Wood Effect Adhesive Cork Tiles

FD05 Nugget Adhesive Cork Tiles

FK03 Block Adhesive Cork Tiles

FK04 Bamboo Adhesive Cork Tiles

S01FD01 Gray Khaki Adhesive Cork Tiles

S02FD01 Coffee/Dark Brown Adhesive Cork Tiles

Adhesive Cork Tiles

Adhesive cork tiles have better pavement effects with long service life. But this type of cork floor coveringneeds professional installation.

We can offer cork plank flooring, colored cork tiles, waterproof cork tiles, decorative cork tiles, and so on.

Types Of Cork Flooring By Different Areas

Since Yamanjia is one of the professionalandcommercial grade cork flooringsuppliers and manufacturers, we provide high-quality cork floor for sale at low prices. Our wholesale cork floor can be applied to different areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms in houses, or yoga studios.

Bedroom Cork Flooring and Wall Boards

Kitchen Wall & Floor Tiles Cork

Basement Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks

GYM/Yoga Studio Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring In Living Room

Eco-Friendly Cork Comfort Flooring - Your Best Choice

Regular manual barking not only does not cause any damage to the tree itself but also promotes the metabolism and growth of new bark, just like shearing wool, making cork a pure natural and recyclable renewable resource. This kind of bark is extremely precious and is known as "soft gold" in the international market.

Under the microscope, each cubic centimeter of cork contains 40 million cells. When subjected to external pressure, the cell and cell gap will shrink, and the internal pressure will rise. When the pressure is lost, the mixed gas pressure in the cell and cell gap will restore the cell to its original state.

Cork flooring planks are not only elastic but also regarded as an ideal material for heat insulation, insulation and flame retardant, antiskid and moisture-proof, sound insulation and noise reduction, wear-resistance, and compression resistance.

Thus, the eco-friendly cork comfort flooring produced by Yamanjia, a natural cork flooring company, is your best choice. Choose our cork floor wholesale, make a little effort to environment protection.

What Are The Benefits Of Cork Flooring

Cork is popular as a flooring material due to its durability, aesthetics, "green" qualities and other unique characteristics. Well produced by Yamanjia, an experienced cork flooring manufacturer, ourwholesale cork floorhas the following benefits.

  1. modern cork flooringresists cracking and wear, and is impervious to gases and liquids. Because this natural cork flooring also bounces back, indentations caused by furniture are not permanent. When properly maintained, cork flooring sheets can last 40 years or more.

  1. Cork floor wholesaleis naturally resistant to mold, mildew and termites. In addition, cork flooring sheets are antibacterial, which does not emit gases or shed microfibers that can have a bad effect on indoor air quality.

Versatility of choice.Cork flooring is available in a wide range of tile and plank styles, colors and sizes. Use cork floor planks to create a virtually seamless floor, or use single or alternating color tiles to create a innovative effect.

Floating Cork Flooring vs. Cork Tiles

Cork floating floors are usually assembled together with locking, which is easy to disassemble, also can greatly reduce installation costs and save time. Cork tiles need to be applied with adhesive, and related adhesives will also affect the firmness of the flooring. However, these two products have their own more suitable places. For example, cork floating floor is more suitable for temporary places, while places with high sealing requirements such as bathrooms require adhesive cork tiles.

Eco Cork Floor Covering Planks FAQs

How Cork Flooring Is Made?

The development of cork flooring is based on the characteristics of renewable oak bark, and the waterproof and antibacterial technology independently developed by the company is applied to solve the problems of floor landing noise, foot comfort and antibacterial.

(1) Through the composite technology of cork base layer, antibacterial coating, and antifouling waterproof layer, product characteristics are realized;

(2) The cork flocked carpet layer uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic water-based polyurethane glue to enhance the thickness of the antibacterial coating and achieve multiple smears to achieve environmental protection and high antibacterial performance.

(1) The wooden balance layer and the flocked carpet layer are made of short fiber carpets, so that their skills can balance the internal stress and also play the role of mute noise reduction;

(2) Use nano antibacterial agent and water-based polyurethane topcoat on the flocked carpet layer to make the product have high antibacterial properties.

How Long Do Cork Floors Last?

Are Cork Floors Waterproof?

Is Cork Flooring Cheaper Than Hardwood?


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