SOKOYO professional solar street lightshave been widely used on highways, freeways, rural roads, neighborhood streets, etc. As high-quality road solar lights, SOKOYO's street lights can be seen as environment-friendly products that provide security and sustainability.

There are so many regions throughout the whole world that lack electric power, but laying cables and using public electricity is really expensive for them. People deserve to live in brightness. Under this circumstance, our solar energy street lights are offering the best solution here.

A solar road lamp is an independent led solar street lighting system. Compared with ordinary street lights, SOKOYO solar street lights' flexible installation can greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs. And solar induction street lights can offer a dimming function during the night based on the needs of the power in different periods.

In summary, solar-powered LED street lights are in line with the trend of social development and the need for environmental protection. This industry has huge market potential. As a professional solar light manufacturer, SOKOYO can provide you with high-quality solar induction street lights with different specifications so as to better meet your needs for the perfect solar roadway lighting.

Solar-powered LED street lights have five main components: LED Light source, the solar panel known as photovoltaic cell, solar battery (gel battery and lithium battery are commonly used), solar charge controller and pole. During the daytime, when the solar panel voltage increases up to 5V, the solar panel will start working and generating the power and store them inside the solar battery. This is the charging process of a typical solar energy street light. When getting dark, solar panel voltage drops below 5V, the controller gets the signal and stops receiving the generated power. The solar battery starts to discharge the power for the LED light source, the light is on. This is the discharge process. The above processes repeat every day, and potentially even be a way for the solar light street lamp to have a sustainable source of energy for as long as the sun is up. All components will be installed based on the pole position. This is how the solar road lamp works.

Is it Ok to Leave Solar Lights on All Night?

The answer to this question is "Yes". The battery of a solar induction street light normally has 40 hours of power supply capacity to ensure continuous operation for 3 days even on cloudy and rainy days, so it is totally fine to leave solar lights on all night.

How Much do Solar Street Lights Cost?

Due to the different specifications of the solar light components and accessories, the overall price of different solar-powered LED street lights is not the same. Thus, it is hard to give a specific answer to the costs of solar street lights. Generally speaking, the main factors that affect the price of the solar street lamps are the height of the lamp pole, the size of the lithium battery, the size of the solar panel, the style of the lamp head, the lighting time, and so on.

As a integrated solar street light company in China, SOKOYO provides high quality solar led street light, and so on.
And we can provide competitive solar street light system cost for you.

As one of the leading integrated solar led street light manufacturers, SOKOYO has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system.


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