Trailer Board

The bamboo trailer boardproduced by Fujian HQC Bamboo Product Co., Ltd. uses fast-growing, high quality, and large plantation moso bamboo as the material. HQC bamboo trailerfloor/tail/deck board uses long bamboo sheets as the basic unit that are of constant thickness and width (removing green and yellow). Then formed by sizing, assembling, hot pressing, and other processes, the trailer board flooring can finally be produced. The string direction of the bamboo strips is combined on the side. The width of the slubs is only 4-6mm. The slubs of bamboo are not obvious, the texture of which is delicate. Basically, all the bamboo patterns are presented differently.

Advantages of Bamboo Trailer Board Plywood

Large breadth

Small deformation

High strength

Good rigidity

High heat resistance, aging resistance, water resistance, wear resistance

Good bonding strength

Effectively prevent moth and mildew

Installation & Maintennance

We provide you with the most convenient installation and maintenance

HQC bamboo trailer board maintains the characteristics of bamboo's physical and mechanical properties. Due to the good quality of the bamboo board, the HQC bamboo boardcan effectively protect car or truck drive stably.

A small board can bring out a more powerful energy. The specification of the HQC bamboo trailer board is 2000*600*20mm. As one of the bamboo manufacturers, we can provide you many kinds of trailer boards for sale.


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