Reishi Extract Powder

Reishi mushroom extract bulk from fresh organic ganoderma lucidum spores powder. In China reishi mushroom extract factory, The spore is broken through low-temperature technology without any chemicals, and then extracted by SFE-CO2. Lingzhi powder is concentrated thus fully keeping the active ingredients, no pollution from bacteria, heavy metals, solvent, less oxidation.

Specifications of Reishi Powder Bulk
Latin name: Ganoderma lucidum

Specification: Triterpenoids≥20%

Appearance: Clear and transparent light yellow liquid

Flavor: Reishi powder characteristic odor, a little bitter.

Reishi Powder Uses by China Reishi Mushroom Extract Suppliers
Pure natural plant extracts are used for immune support and prevention of tumor recurrence.

Adjuvant to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, speeding up the post-operation recovery, for immune reinforcement, minimization of radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects (such as, leukocyte reduction, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, liver or kidney injury, etc).

Herbal extract powder improves life quality, prolong life and relieve pain.

Liver and chemical liver injury protection.

Reishi extract improves cardiovascular and cerebral-vascular diseases, modulate internal secretion, bring down the blood sugar; soothe nerves, nourish brain and calm the spirit; regulate digest system, nourish lung the alleviate inflammation.

Slow aging, beautify skin, good for beauty care and skin disease prevention.

Applications of Reishi Extract Powder

Pharmaceutical, health care food (Protecting liver, improve immunity)

Cosmetics, daily chemical (Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging)

Recommended Usage of Reishi Extract

According to the product's characteristics and appropriate methods to add appropriate amount.

For health use, it is recommended that the intake be not less than 5g per day.

This product is readily oxidizable, should be sealed and stored in cool and dark condition.

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Reishi Extract Powder
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