Anniversary Musical Lollipop

Would you like to send a surprise on the candy anniversary gifts for him/her? Do you want to give an extraordinary gift? Regardless of the age, 20, 30, 40, or 50, sweet anniversary candy is always a unique way to make him/her happy. Lavoli will also be your perfect friend for the anniversary day to assist you to deliver the love. Recording

your voice to retain every precious moment by sending musical anniversary gifts! Lavoli's sugarless suckers are absolutely a new trendy for an anniversary gift. They can attract people to always memory the key moment. Lavoli delivers the secret word that you're hard to say. Lavoli's anniversary candy can be recorded and played, upload, and insert music that matched the moment. Choose Lavoli and learn more about our Lavoli. Lavoli is the most meaningful anniversary gift! Celebrate a significant anniversary with the particular Lavoli musical play lollipop lollipop!

Application of Anniversary Lollipops that Play Music

The most meaningful Anniversary gift. Recording your best wish or songs and send to the one you love. They can clearly hear the wishes or musical via bone conduction technology, which is a magical experience. Only press the music button and the song will be playing out in your mouth. Simple to use and also conveniently to upload or exchange the music through our Lavoli APP. We take personalized Anniversary musical lollipop lavoli, customers can customize their own Anniversary lollipop with different needs.

Packaging Of Anniversary Musical Lollipop

We provide the anniversary gift box and also be able to provide a customized gift package or box. The photos could be printed on the customized package as well!


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