Porcine Gelatin Hydrolysate

Porcine Gelatin Hydrolysate

Porcine skin gelatin hydrolysateconsists of 18 nitrogen based acids. It is hygroscopic white powder with special smell. It has moisturizing effect on skin and good affinity for hair horn. It can prevent the irritation of surfactants in cosmetics to skin and hair.

Ingredients of Porcine Gelatin Hydrolysate

Physical and Chemical Items



Jelly Strength (6.67%)



PH (1%) 40℃



Clarity 5%


500 mm

Viscosity(6.67% 40℃)








Insoluble substance in water





Total Bacteria Count



Benefits of Porcine Gelatin Hydrolysate

Strengthen bones and joints, and treat arthritis.

Skin elasticity & tightening.

Help weight loss.

How to Use Porcine Gelatin Hydrolysate


In the field of cosmetics, porcine gelatin hydrolysate can be used not only in skin care products, but also in facial masks and hair care products.


In the food industry, porcine gelatin bulkhydrolysate can be added to sports energy bars, health foods and beverages


Porcine gelatin hydrolysate can also be used in wigs and pet food in the field of chemical raw materials.

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