Dragline Walking Frame

Dragline walking frame or walking arm, together with walking cam and cam shaft / propel shaft are the most important parts for dragline walking mechanism.

Why Choose WALKSONDragline Walking Frame

This walking frame partsis made by low alloy high strength steel casting. The product weight is around 15T, the pouring weight of which is around 25T. We can deliver the final product with normalized & tempered or quenched tempered, fully machined to drawing dimensions.

During the manufacturing process, MT, UT and 3d laser scanning are used to make sure the walking frame 100% comply with the engineering drawing. As the frame casting has been fully machined to the drawing dimension, before international shipment, we design specifical protection shield for the frame to make sure the product is delivered to customer in good condition.

WALKSONis a professional manufacturing as a service companies, we provide manufacturing services china, heavy steel casting, white iron castings,etc. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to your design .


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