Product Advantages and Characteristics of Hydraulic Swing Door

The electro-hydraulic swing door is opened by the motor and closed by the hydraulic door closer. Its structure and working principle are that the electric motor drives a heavy hydraulic door closer through an oil pump to realize the door opening process, and then the door closer closes the door. After the hydraulic door closer technology is very mature, the door closer can achieve perfect control of the door opening and closing process. It can reach a level that makes users feel very comfortable.

Product advantages of hydraulic swing doors

The biggest advantage of the electro-hydraulic automatic swing door is that all moving parts are in a sealed state, which completely avoids the wear caused by dust accumulation. In addition to its high-power motor and super-heavy-duty door closer, the super-heavy electro-hydraulic swing door driver is most importantly kept open through an electromagnetic hydraulic valve of the door closer. Therefore, the length of keeping on time will not have any effect on its circuit and motor. The electro-hydraulic automatic swing door requires no maintenance due to its fully enclosed structure design.

Product features of hydraulic swing door

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