COVID-19 Isolation Door

Clean room doors are corrosion -resistant, easy to clean and easy to install. The door frame width is adjustable. The power beam is an aluminum extrusion with a service life of over 1 million times. This Door system is widely applied to hospitals to be used as isolation door.

Specifications Of COVID-19 Isolation Door COVID-19

Product Information


Isolation Door

Door Body Material

Galvanized Steel/Stainless Steel

Door Filler

Aluminium Honeycomb /Paper Honeycomb

Door Frame

Galvanized Steel

Door Thickness

50MM, accept custom sizes


Tempered Glass

Standard Door Opening Size(mm)


Technical Data:

Door Configuration:


Max Weight





L Shape


Rubber tape

Opening Type:

Swing or Automatic

Package:Caron,Wooden Box

Surface Treatment:Paint Baking, Electrostatic spraying

MOQ and Lead Time:1set,3days

Features Of COVID-19 isolation room doorCOVID-19

Strong, good-looking, classic

Double Glazed glass window to help check door inside situation

Durable Stainless-Steel Chains and lock system

Sealed with rubber tapes around the door

Xinyi Door Co., Ltd. is a doors manufacturing company, we provide fire door isolation, high pressure laminate door, industrial style doorsand etc. Want to know door price or more information about us, please Feel free to contact us at any time.


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