Our products have a wide range of customization, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities, laundry, TV cabinets, storage pantries. outdoor kitchens and any home use custom cabinets. The style is not limited, using different materials and different elements for each design. For different natural environment conditions, different customers with different cultural backgrounds to provide its exclusive optimal whole house design plan, one-stop service. There is no quantity requirement for customization, from a single set to a whole house. Our company currently serves more than 90 countries and regions around the world, has opened showrooms abroad, and is building Vermont's global service network. At the same time, it is also committed to complete a closed loop from design to production to logistics to on-site installation.

Vermont Cabinet For Your Choice


The wardrobe, she is your shelter, containing your clothes, shoes, and accessories throughout the year. Can design sliding door, open door, also can design open type.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet, the harbor of a loving home. She can be filled with human smoke, or she can carry the industrial high-coldness. She can be generous and bold, but also gentle and quiet. She can create happiness, beauty, enjoyment, and fun.

Laundry Cabinet

Laundry is integrated with the washing machine and the dryer to wash away dust, dirt, and troubles for you.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom cabinet, can be floored or wall hung. Various styles of design. The small body performs a huge function.

TV Cabinet

TV cabinet, which is integrated with the TV, becomes a beautiful landscape in your home. Using his low-key to set off the colorful TV.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Outdoor kitchen, he can withstand the wind, sun and rain. He contracts you and your friends and family happy hours.

Vermont is a professional cabinet manufacturer, we provide custom touch cabinets,custom curved cabinetry, cabinet customization, custom wall unit designs, custom house cabinetry , custom floating cabinets, custom drinks cabinet and etc. Want to know the cost of custom cabinets, please contact us.


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