Lounge Chair Folding

Comfortable Folding Lounge Chairs
Equipped with a cup holder; Easy to assemble; Durable fabric provides your back with full support when you rest in this chair; Sturdy steel frame with removable soft pillow that can be adjusted according to your comfort; Unique locking design, suitable for sitting and lying, widely used in outdoor patios, gardens, lawns, balcony sides

Features of folding lounger
(No assembly required) open for use

[Comfortable zero gravity chair] : Ideal for rv camping, beach vacation, poolside rest. A gravity folding chair
would be a great rest option.

Gallery Of Foldable Lounger

This recliner is sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds. Sturdy double elastic rope and steel tube frame for durability. Fully padded detachable pillows can be adjusted to suit your comfort. Breathable fabrics provide a cool experience on hot summer days.

Lockable recliner system: Adjustable at any Angle from 0 to 170 degrees. The replaceable bungee cord ADAPTS to your body instantly and slides smoothly into an ergonomic zero-g position.

[Application] : Suitable for swimming pool, lawn, garden, patio, backyard and other places. Taking a break during your free time will give you a more comfortable experience.

Are Folding Lounge Chair OutdoorBetter?

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