Waterproof Magnets

Waterproof Magnets

MEANK provides a range of waterproof plastic covered neodymium magnetsin bulk. As a kind of rare earth strong magnet material, sintered ndfeb rubber magnetis widely used in various fields because of its excellent magnetic properties. But NdFeB(neodymium) magnets are not waterproof or corrosion&rust resistant, unlike SmCo and ferrite magnets. The NdFeB magnets without coating will be oxidized soon. Even the neodymium magnet with a common coating can not be used in a humid environment for a long time without rust and corrosion.So waterproof magnets/rust proof magnets are usually mean neodymium waterproof(rustproof) magnets.

Waterproof Magnets With Plastic Coated

All waterproof neodymium(NdFeB) magnets in this category are completely coated with plastic.Different colors are available for strong neodymium(NdFeB) magnets coated with durable plastic house.Plastic...

Waterproof Magnets With Rubber Coated

All waterproof neodymium (NdFeB) magnets under this category are completely made with rubber coated. Rubber coated neodymium(NdFeB) magnets have high durability and high friction.

Waterproof Magnets With PVC Coated

The waterproof magnets in this category are neodymium with PVC coated, such PVC coated neodymium magnets are mono-pole magnets and used in pairs, and known as PVC invisible magnetic buttons and PVC wa...

Waterproof Magnets With Parylene Coated

A kind of high polymer thermoplastic polymer, which consists of monomer p-xylene uniformly distributed in the gap and surface of the coating under vacuum, and then polymerized is parylene coating.Pary...

Waterproof Neodymium Magnets Use

PVC coated waterproof neodymium magnets are used as magnetic buttons in textile or clothing.

You can use waterproof neodymium magnet with plastic coating as door stopper in shower room.

Waterproof neodymium magnets with plastic coated in round shape can be used for outdoor notice board.

You can screw plastic coated waterproof neodymium magnets with countersunk hole onto kitchen wall to hole kitchenware.

Waterproof strong neodymium magnets are used to fix outdoor lighting facilities.

Waterproof powerful neodymium magnets are first choice for filtration of metal impurities in liquid substances.

Do Neodymium Magnet Rustin Water?

Maybe you are puzzled that can neodymium magnets rustin water. The Nd-Fe-B magnets that can be used in humid environment for a long time, or that can be used continuously in water or outdoors without rusting are really waterproof neodymium magnets. So will neodymium magnets rust? The answer is definitely not, as long as they are waterproof magnets. Waterproof neodymium magnets also called rust proof magnets. In addition to the ordinary electroplating treatment, the surface of waterproof or rust & corrosion resistant NdFeB magnets must be specially coated to completely isolated from water. That's to say waterproof neodymium magnets are coated neodymium magnets.

Meank Waterproof Neodymium Magnets Advantages

These neodymium magnets have different coatings on their surfaces. They have the same name of waterproof neodymium magnets,and have the following advantages:

Corrosion resistant and rustproof,these coated magnets can be used indoors and outdoors in wet environments and can even be washed,they are known as corrosion resistant and washable magnets.

Scratch resistant, using the magnet with rubber coating can reduce the scratch on the contact surface.

Increase friction, using the rubber coated magnet can enhance the friction between the magnet and the contact surface.

Durable, the plastic coated magnets are almost indestructible,they are the most durable neodymium magnets.

Powerful,all waterproof magnets are used in applications when powerful strength needed.

You can get these types waterproof neodymium magnets from Beilun Meank

Waterproof neodymium magnets with rubber coated(rubber coated waterproof and corrosion resistant neodymium magnets) that have soft surface.The neodymium Nd-Fe-B rubber magnets are high energy rare earth magnets coated with a durable rubber coating. Rubber coated neodymium magnets are especially suitable for applications when the surface is easy to be scratched or damaged and need to be protected.

Waterproof neodymium magnets with plastic coated (plastic coated waterproof and rust resistant neodymium magnets) which can be made into different colors. Plastic coated rust proof magnets are unbreakable and scratch resistant.

Waterproof neodymium magnets with PVC coated (also known as sew-in magnets),they are washable and sewable, and used as PVC waterproof hidden and invisible magnetic buttons. Such PVC magnetic buttons are use textile product in pairs.

As a leading wholesale pot magnet manufacturerand china magnetic hooks factory, we will continue to develop more magnetic application products.


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