4-port RS485 HUBwith Isolation

Support 1 RS-232/485 upper computer port, and 4 RS-485 lower computer port

Each lower computer port can connect to 32 standard RS-485 devices(nodes)

Support cascading of multiple SW4485I, up to 256 RS-485 buses

Automatic serial port signal rate detection, support 300bps~115200bps serial port baud rate, zero-delay conversion

Serial port provides 15kV electrostatic protection and 2kVAC isolation protection

Unique automatic detection and alarm of RS-485 signal reverse connection

SW4485I is a RS-485 bus split HUB designed for addressing RS-485 large scale system needs in complex electromagnetic field. It supports up to 115.2kbps transmission rate and adopts bidirectional transparent transmission that could split 1 RS-485 bus into 4 RS-485 buses or transparently transmit any RS-485 signal to the RS-485 bus or RS-232 of the upper computer. Each RS-485 port of this product’s lower computer is equipped with reverse connection fault alarm and protection function, which has improved the reliability of current RS-485 network remarkably and shortened the time of maintaining network effectively. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of data communication, RS-485 ports of this product are all provided with 2kVAC isolation voltage protection, level-4 electrostatic protection and level-2 radiated immunity protection which could prevent lightning strike, electrostatic and radiated interference. It’s safe and reliable, and appropriate for outdoor engineering application.

SW4485I also provides RS-485 bus star connection. User could easily improve RS-485 bus structure and split network segment. Reasonable utilization of SW485I enables you to design a unique and reliable RS-485 system. SW4485I adopts EMC protection and supports Din-Rail mounting and -40℃~75℃ wide operating temperature range, which can meet the requirement of different scenes.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, founded in 2001, 3onedata converterhas been dedicated to IIoT for 21 years, with rich professional experience of providing industrial communication solution and service for partners and customers worldwide. In 2020, 3onedata became the first IIoT company to be listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) STAR Market, a milestone for our sustainable growth and development.

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